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  1. How do I subscribe?
    It is very easy to subscribe. You can either order online or directly contact Pamela Adams. She can be contacted at 678.522.2271, via our site contact page. Be prepared to identify which of the services you want.
  2. What services does a subscription buy?
    • Board Watch - Provided as an annual service, Georgia Lobby monitors the Committee Notice Boards on all floors of the Capitol. This includes committee notices and study committee notices. We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email. First Readers and all Calendars are included in Board Watch. We keep you informed about Special Study Committees created by the Legislature or Governor via email.
    • Bill Watch - This service is offered all year round. Georgia Lobby monitors specific bills as they move from First Readers to Committees to the House and Senate and final passage. We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email.
    • Government Watch - Government Watch is a year round service which primarily monitors State Departments and State agencies regarding public meetings. This is vitally important for the lobbyists who monitor public policy which is non legislative in nature.
    • Code Watch - Code Watch alerts the lobbyist to legislation that includes key words, phrases or code contained within legislation. This customized service is critical for the lobbyist who wants to guarantee no legislation slips past his/her attention. When Legislation "moves", Code Watch identifies key words. The House and Senate Calendars and First Readers list will be watched as well.
    • Client Watch Reports - This is a reporting tool used in conjunction with Bill Watch to report to clients concerning legislation followed. It allows for the lobbyist to enter their own summaries of the legislation.
  3. What value to a lobbyist are these services?
    We assist you as you represent your organization. Georgia lobby is a service that will keep you informed of the very important committee meetings and their agendas and bills. As most lobbyist know, it is in the committees that most legislative work is done. Attendance at committee meetings can often mean legislative success or failure. Knowledge about proposed legislation is your key to effectiveness.

    Most lobbyist spend hours at the Capitol just to keep informed about dates and times of House and Senate Committee meetings. Most will come to the Capitol everyday to review the Committee Boards for this purpose. Often as soon as they walk away from the boards, changes are made. The information outdates as soon as you walk away. They spend hours before the House and Senate Clerks offices retrieving versions of proposed legislation. We do this for you. We inform you via email of the dates and times and published agendas of committees. We link the bills to the Georgia Legislative Website. Georgia Lobby clients are reporting that this is an invaluable service to them. They no longer have to worry about missing an important meeting or not getting the latest legislative update.


    • Real time information about Legislative Committees
    • Real time information about the bills you are tracking
    • Real time information about special study committees
    • Real time information about State Agencies' and Departments' meeting announcements and agendas.
    • Email alerts to your email enabled PDA and Blackberry.
    • Your calendar auto filled in with a VCS file.
    • Bills linked to the Georgia Legislative Website.
    • Subscriber is in control of their services through a web interface.
    • No longer being at the Capitol or searching the Web to get the information that you need.
    • Visits to the House and Senate Clerk's Office will be a thing of the past
    • A backup system to your lobbying intelligence and legislative awareness.
    • Reassuring redundancy in your lobbying efforts.
  4. How much does a subscription cost?

    Board Watch - $850 per year
    Government Watch - $450 per year
    Bill Watch - $650 per year
    Code Watch - only included in a bundled subscription (no additional charge)
    Client Watch - only included in a bundled subscription (no additional charge)
    Bundled Services - $1600 (includes Board Watch, Government Watch, Bill Watch, Code Watch and Client Watch reporting.)

    Additional email addresses within the same company and email domain - 1/2 subscription price. Please contact Pamela Adams directly for this discount.

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  5. When I subscribe, how do I indicate which committees, departments, bills and words that I am interested in?
    You self subscribe to which bills, committees, departments and words that you want Georgia Lobby to track for you. We will send you a web user ID and password to get you started as soon as you subscribe. If you want to update Bill Watch, Board Watch, Government Watch or Code Watch subscriptions, you will use this link. If you want to update Bill Board or Client Watch, you will log in using the login form to your left.
  6. Can one subscriber have more than one email address per subscription?
    The first email address is full price. Each additional email address within the same company and email domain is 1/2 subscription price per email address. Please contact Pamela Adams directly for this discount.
  7. What forms of payment to you accept?
    At the current time, cash, check, and credit cards are accepted. Online ordering is by credit card only.
  8. What if I am not happy with your services?
    You have fourteen (14) days from the time your services start to cancel your subscription without any charge.
  9. What is Georgia Lobby's privacy policy?
    Click here for Georgia Lobby's privacy policy. We protect the privacy of our clients.
  10. Do I have to sign a service agreement contract?