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Board Watch Government Watch Bill Watch / Code Watch* Bundled**
$900 per year $500 per year $700 per year $1700 per year - Best Value
  • Monitor Committee Boards
  • Monitor Legislative Web Calendar
  • "Real time" reporting
  • Monitor Public Notices
  • Monitor Departmental Meeting notices
  • A tracking tool for identifying bills by type and number and/or words, terms, phrases, or code sections in Legislation introduced or to be followed.
  • Monitor for any movement or changes to specific enumerated bills and/or bills identified by words, phrase, or code sections.
  • Monitor Committee Boards notices for specific bills
  • Monitor Departmental Notices for specific bills
  • Monitor Public Notices for specific bills.

*Only available with Board Watch

Includes Board Watch, Government Watch, Bill Watch, Code Watch and the reporting tool Client Watch.

  • Monitor Legislative Committee Boards
  • Monitor Public Notices
  • Monitor Specific Bills
  • Monitor specific words, phrases and code sections in Legislation
  • Client Watch Reporting - A reporting tool for the development of sophisticated reports to clients and others. Creates links to legislation, committees, and legislators on the fly. Updated in real time.

Additional email addresses within the same company and email domain: 1/2 subscription price. Please contact Pamela directly for discount.

All Services have a 14 day guarantee.

  • Board Watch - Provided as an annual service, Georgia Lobby monitors the Committee Notice Boards on all floors of the Capitol. This includes committee notices and study committee notices. We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email. First Readers and all Calendars are included in Board Watch. We keep you informed about Special Study Committees created by the Legislature or Governor via email.
  • Bill Watch - This service is offered all year round. Georgia Lobby monitors specific bills as they move from First Readers to Committees to the House and Senate and final passage. We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email.
  • Government Watch - Government Watch is a year round service which primarily monitors State Departments and State agencies regarding public meetings. This is vitally important for the lobbyists who monitor public policy which is non legislative in nature.
  • Code Watch - Code Watch alerts the lobbyist to legislation that includes key words, phrases or code contained within legislation. This customized service is critical for the lobbyist who wants to guarantee no legislation slips past his/her attention. When Legislation "moves", Code Watch identifies key words. The House and Senate Calendars and First Readers list will be watched as well.
  • Client Watch Reports - Client Watch Reports are used in conjunction with Bill Watch to create reports to clients or to monitor legislation. It allows the lobbyist to enter their own summaries or "to do lists" for the legislation. Lobbyists can make the Client Watch Reports their own by customizing their reports with their own logos and custom written summaries. These reports are automatically updated daily with data from the Legislative websites. The status of each legislation is current in the reports.

    For clients with lobbyist teams who have bundled services, Client Watch Reports goes ONE STEP FURTHER. The reports can be edited by the team. Each report created by the team can be seen by other team members. CLIENT WATCH COLLABORATION eliminates duplication of effort while affording maximum collaboration.

Service Agreement - Our Service Agreement must be signed and returned before any subscription can begin.

To Subscribe: It is very easy. Contact Georgia Lobby directly at 770 522 2271 or office@galobby.com, or use our site contact page.