About Us

Georgia Lobby was created as an answer to a need and a response to emerging technology.

Prior to 2003, State Lobbyists were chained to the Capitol year round. Lobbyists had to virtually live at the Capitol to get the information that they needed to be effective. Information was in paper form only and was only posted to physical bulletin boards at both ends of the Capitol. One for the House and one for the Senate. Some powerful committees had their own bulletin boards in front of their offices. Lobbyists had to rotate among these boards to get the information that they needed.

This was time-consuming, generally unproductive and expensive except for the information gleamed for the companies and clients that they represented.

Pamela Adams saw the amount of time that her lobbyist husband, Normer Adams, spent at the Capitol with unproductive, but the necessary work of “watching the bulletin boards”. 

Her husband often said, “If someone could be here to watch these boards I would not need to be here.” Computers were just becoming the norm for everyone, yet in the early 90’s there was no way to communicate vast quantities of information from the Capitol to lobbyists. Things changed in 1995 when “smartphones” provided a way to send email to others from remote locations.

Pamela Adams heard the concerns of her husband and immediately saw the potential for a great service, not only to her lobbyist husband, but also to other lobbyists who needed this valuable information and could not be at the Capitol all day.

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Georgia Lobby over the years has continuously enhanced their services to lobbyists by adding new services, upgrading service, hiring additional staff and employing advancing technology in assistance to the lobbyist.

Georgia Lobby is the preeminent lobbyist support service in the State.

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