Our Services

  • What would it be worth to you to have someone at the Capitol watching the Notice Boards and monitoring the House and Senate for announcements about Committee meetings?

  • What would it be worth to you to have a double check of important State Agency and State Department board meetings and other public meetings?

  • What would it be worth to you to know that you will never miss another Committee Meeting because you were not aware of the meeting?

  • What would it be worth for you to have at your fingertips the link to every bill being considered sent to your cell phone or email inbox?

Committee Meeting Awareness could mean the difference between legislative and lobbying success or failure.

Georgia Lobby offers you the assistance that you need to be a successful lobbyist. We offer 24/7 support, and real-time notices to your email inbox about what is happening at the Capitol.

Georgia Lobby offers six services to choose from:


Additional email addresses within the same company and email domain: 1/2 subscription price.

Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement must be signed and returned before any subscription can begin. For more information, contact Georgia Lobby via site contact form.


To Subscribe: It is very easy. Contact Georgia Lobby directly at 770 522 2271 or office@galobby.com or use our site contact page.